Monday, September 21, 2009


There is hope after all. Everybody is excited, "there must be change!", reverberates at the four corners of the room, "good governance, honesty, sincerity, transparency, service, etc."; for the people. Yes a set of able, non traditional and honest politicians to form a governance that is responsive to the needs of the people. A governance that emanates from its constituents. Every body agrees, yes, there is a chance.

But wait, how can this be achieved..... Advocacy!... go out and teach people how to choose their leaders,...voters education, ...look for candidates that believe and are sincere enough to adhere to the given guiding principles of the island for governance. But then again, for the past 20 years people had been giving voters education to the islanders and it looks like the sickness has worsen....Then it is imperative that these personalities be selected from among the members of the island, because they understand and believe these guiding principles. What a noble vision! NO to guns, NO to goons, NO to gold. The traditional politics has got to stop and it should start from here, from the island!

How to choose for these noble islanders? Criteria: 1. if possible one should come from a big family, a big clan!.... ooops, is it not based on merits? what happened to the islands' guiding principles? Does it mean that this clan will come first later on? after all it made you a winner? Or are you on to the road of another dynasty? 2. the islander must have a total control of a large group of poor people! ...oooops is the leader islander supposed to be selected based on integrity, service, capability, merits and not based on patronage? 3. should be very knowledgeable on the basic traditional politics, to fight toe to toe, guns for guns, gold for gold, goons for goons or perhaps has an armory of clandestine tactics...ooops are we to stand by the islands' guiding principle of honesty, transparency and on merits, is it not proclaimed that the traditional political exercise must end and that the end should start from the island??? shall this islander continue....?

For a while it would seem that it is a dawning of a new breed of leaders. At the end of the day these islanders do not seem to be different from them after all, ONE HAS TO WIN BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.

Monday, June 8, 2009

island politics

People from the island and its neighboring islands are very alive nowadays. In spite of the very trying life they are in, or we are in, everybody seems to be in the go. There is a big hush! its election time! Money is expected to be floating everywhere. Election means money, It is endemic, it runs in the veins of the people. Some are trying to ascertain who started it all.
Was it the voters who asked first? or was it the politicians who bought the people first? I would say that this phenomenon started more than sixty years ago.

Mind you most of the people from these islands are very intelligent people, they know that they are being fooled by these politicians. But it is so amazing because after all the bright thinking that they do, they still end up being in the bag of these politicians.

Does it mean that the politicians are far more brilliant than the voters? Of course not. It is self interest, the thought of oneself alone, they are responsible to themselves only and to no one else.

But there is always hope, yes beyond those clouds is a light of hope.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

man an animal being

Cain could be the culprit. Perhaps this beautiful being created by God had been radically remade. The good book says that God created Adam and Eve, one man and one woman, but why is it that when God banished him away from paradise, away from His grace, for murdering his brother, he (Cain) found someone he called his wife from a very far away place. Could this creature he called wife be one of the creatures God created before man, to help man tend the earth? Perhaps a cave woman, or a Peking woman or maybe one of the neanderthal or perhaps an upgraded monkey? Then definitely their off springs were 50% holy and 50% animal. Science is right, I could therefore be .00001% holy and 99.99999% animal after that so many years ago.

But then God promised that we can still be holy? Jesus Christ has claimed that He had shown shown us how. Perhaps it is love, an unconditional love for man. To be able to lay down one's own life for his brother.

Yes, I can walk tall, I could still be a 100% holy after all.

Monday, February 16, 2009

man the highest form of animal

A while ago I passed by a knee deep, small lake in the island. The still water was as clear as a mirror, so as I bent down to look at it, a stupid looking guy looked back at me. As I recovered from shock I recognized that familiar face, it was me.

As I continued my stroll, a question lingered on my head. The bible says that God created man out of His image and likeness, well does that man from the still, clear water a likeness of God's image? Probably not. Did God create an animal that looked like Him? I don' believe so. God must have created a being that was as holy as He is. So why does science say that man is the highest form of animal? Man must have looked regal and handsome. But why is it that we look very differently from each other? Some are pleasing while others are not? Why do we act and feel like animals do. We have lust, we have envy, jealousy, anger, we have pride, some even love to destroy other men. What happened then to that beautiful being called man? Something must have happened along the way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A hello from this island.

Just arrived from the island and I would love to hear people from this part of the world. I hope I could contribute something to this new found world.