Monday, February 16, 2009

man the highest form of animal

A while ago I passed by a knee deep, small lake in the island. The still water was as clear as a mirror, so as I bent down to look at it, a stupid looking guy looked back at me. As I recovered from shock I recognized that familiar face, it was me.

As I continued my stroll, a question lingered on my head. The bible says that God created man out of His image and likeness, well does that man from the still, clear water a likeness of God's image? Probably not. Did God create an animal that looked like Him? I don' believe so. God must have created a being that was as holy as He is. So why does science say that man is the highest form of animal? Man must have looked regal and handsome. But why is it that we look very differently from each other? Some are pleasing while others are not? Why do we act and feel like animals do. We have lust, we have envy, jealousy, anger, we have pride, some even love to destroy other men. What happened then to that beautiful being called man? Something must have happened along the way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A hello from this island.

Just arrived from the island and I would love to hear people from this part of the world. I hope I could contribute something to this new found world.