Thursday, June 4, 2009

man an animal being

Cain could be the culprit. Perhaps this beautiful being created by God had been radically remade. The good book says that God created Adam and Eve, one man and one woman, but why is it that when God banished him away from paradise, away from His grace, for murdering his brother, he (Cain) found someone he called his wife from a very far away place. Could this creature he called wife be one of the creatures God created before man, to help man tend the earth? Perhaps a cave woman, or a Peking woman or maybe one of the neanderthal or perhaps an upgraded monkey? Then definitely their off springs were 50% holy and 50% animal. Science is right, I could therefore be .00001% holy and 99.99999% animal after that so many years ago.

But then God promised that we can still be holy? Jesus Christ has claimed that He had shown shown us how. Perhaps it is love, an unconditional love for man. To be able to lay down one's own life for his brother.

Yes, I can walk tall, I could still be a 100% holy after all.